St. Augustine – Florida
We start our USA trip in St. Augustine on the east coast.
St. Augustine was founded in 1565 by the Spaniards and is the oldest city in the USA. It still preserves its colonial ambience and its historic Spanish cityscape. With the construction of the East Coast Railway at the end of the 19th century, the first tourists came to the city. The city with its wide sandy beaches quickly became a popular holiday paradise for the snowbirds. 

St. Augustine is considered the quietest and most relaxed city in Florida and a destination for true nostalgics. A tour of the city and its cobblestone streets, lined with colonial, Moorish or Victorian-style buildings, allows us to enjoy the special atmosphere of the city. Of course, we also spend time at the wide white beach of St. Augustine. It’s almost a bit fresh to go swimming, but what the hell! It’s supposed to be good for the immune system. And to take the complete package along, a visit to the Alligator Farm is a must.

Our insider tip for St. Augustine: A visit to the Ice Plant Bar! The warehouses from 1927 formerly served the production of pole ice cubes, today they give the restaurant its special charm and name. The bar is on the upper floor. Here you can enjoy very good cocktails and creative dishes with a regional touch. Fabulous!