Guided Brazil Roundtrip – November 2018

Guest Article: Gerd Schneider
A travelogue from one of our travel participants

On 02 November 2018 it was finally time and we set off for Brazil with a group of 12 people and 2 tour guides. With a minibus we drove together to Frankfurt airport. Our flight route led us from Frankfurt via Lisbon to Salvador. Arrived in Salvador, we moved into our accommodation directly in the old town in the “Pousada Barroco na Bahia”. From the German owner, Father Hans Bönisch, we learned something about the history of the Pousada: In 1992, the Cardinal Archbishop of Salvador invited the Cathedral Music Director Hans Bönisch from Mainz to Salvador to dedicate himself there to the preservation of church music. In 1993 Father Bönisch founded a choir and an orchestra and among other things brought young people from the street closer to church music. In 1995, a former town villa was bought, renovated and converted into today’s Pousada with state funding, including from the German Foreign Office. The Pousada now has 40 simple, clean rooms, a beautiful inner courtyard and even a concert hall where choir and concert rehearsals take place and where concerts are given regularly. Since 1993 there have also been regular concerts in Salvador Cathedral and other churches under the direction of Father Bönisch.

In the following two days we explored Salvador together with Father Bönisch and our tour guides. We discovered the historic old town and made a city tour during which we explored Salvador off the tourist routes in addition to the well-known sights of the city. Thus we could experience Brazil also from its authentic side. After three days it was time to say goodbye to Salvador.

Our next flight took us to Rio de Janeiro … (read more about our tour in the next post Rio de Janeiro)