Guided Brazil Roundtrip – November 2018

Guest Article: Gerd Schneider
A travelogue from one of our travel participants

After three days in Iguaçu our last domestic flight led us from Iguaçu via Rio de Janeiro to Natal. In Natal we were picked up by Florian, our host, and taken to his “Pousada Thalassa” in Pipa. A two-hour bus ride on partly bad roads awaited us. “Oh my God, what will await us here”, some of us might have thought. What we could experience on arrival was divine, a little paradise. 26 cottages in a fantastic complex, two pools, a cozy pool bar, a lounge, seats and hammocks everywhere. The end of our trip could not have been more beautiful. The last days of our trip were meant as a rest and this was perfectly possible in Florian’s pousada. In the cosy seaside resort Pipa we could stroll along the many boutiques, restaurants and pubs or bathe in the sea. The beaches of Pipa belong to the most beautiful beaches of Brazil. In the bay of Pipa we could even swim with dolphins. Although no more program was planned, our tour guide had offered a boat trip, which was also happily welcomed. We drove through different bays, stopped for a few bathing stops and were well supplied with food and drinks on board. Together we spent the day on the sea until sunset. After four days we had to say goodbye again. During our Fare-Well Cocktail in the Pousada, the fellow traveler and co-initiator of the trip, Rudolf Gelhard, thanked our two tour guides on behalf of the group for the excellent care with the words: “It could not have been done better”. Our return flight from Natal with a stopover in Lisbon to Frankfurt brought us back from spring in Brazil, with a warm and humid climate of 30 degrees, to winterly Germany.
A wonderful trip, which we will all remember for a long time, thanks to the excellent care and support of Hanna Pettrup and her partner.

The next guided tour of Brazil is already planned and in preparation for November 2019. We wish the next group an just as enjoyable trip.