Our next trip takes us to Eastern Europe to Croatia. Croatia comprises over 1,000 islands, one of those we have chosen as our holiday destination. We travel to Mali Losinj. The island is a health resort, the air here is said to be especially healthy and healing. So take a deep breath.

We travel once again outside the main season, so many hotels and restaurants on the rather small island are already closed. For this reason we decide for a bigger hotel as an exception.

Even if we actually prefer smaller accommodations, this time we profit from the hotel’s own infrastructure that includes beside the hotel restaurant further restaurants and a bicycle rental.
In the middle of October, one feels that the summer is clearly over. At the hotel beach, a small bay with a sandy beach, we are the only ones that still dare to go into the water. We explore the island by bicycle. Most of the ways are easy to drive on, a small way leads along the coast almost around the whole island. The nature and the landscape of the island is beautiful. The bays are partly rocky, partly sandy and partly stony. The water is turquoise and clear. Everywhere you pass small pine forests.

We treat ourselves to a few days of health holiday on the small island before we return home.